Ideal Tape 888

Ideal Tape 888 is a double sided polyester film tape with a high tack pressure sensitive adhesive system.

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Product Description


Ideal Tape 888 is designed for a variety of applications including corrugated and paper splicing, name and label plate mounting, display fabrication and engraving, and carpet hold down.

Performance Features

  • Easy to use – fast, simple, and clean application.
  • High tack adhesive system is UV and chemical resistant. 
  • High quick stick offers fast and secure bond on different types of surfaces.

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General Insulation Company is a B2B distributor – supplier with over 50 locations across the U.S. that stocks a wide variety of insulation tapes for commercial, industrial, and residential construction markets.

Ideal Tape 888 Technical Data Sheet

Ideal Tape 888 Safety Data Sheet

Ideal Tape Product Selection Guide