Speedline 73-20 RTV Silicone Adhesive/Sealant

Speedline 73-20 RTV Silicone Caulking is a one-part, paste-like material that cures to a tough, flexible solid upon moisture/air exposure.

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Product Description

Speedline 73-20 RTV Adhesive/Sealant will not slump under its own weight; it is therefore suitable for applications to overhead or vertical surfaces without detrimental sag, runs or slumps. It provides a strong adhesion to most types of clean PVC (and other plastics), metal, wood, silicone rubber and ceramic surfaces.

Speedline 73-20 RTV Adhesive/Sealant is very resistant to outdoor exposure, moisture, ozone and vibration. It also is resistant to high and low temperatures. It may be applied in sub-zero conditions without loss of its normal properties.

Speedline 73-20 RTV Adhesive/Sealant is available in colors of aluminum and white, as well as clear.

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Speedline 73-20 Silicone Caulk Product Sheet

Speedline 73-20 Silicone Caulk MSDS