ROCKWOOL Rockboard 40/60 Interior Insulation Board

ROCKWOOL Rockboard 40 and Rockboard 60 are three densities of mineral wool board insulation available to support a variety of interior applications, including insulating mechanical or utility rooms, adding also a barrier to noise and fire. Rockboard 60 in particular has been used for sound studios and theaters, as it has exceptional sound absorbing characteristics and is effective at reducing sound transmission across a wide range of frequencies. Formerly known as Roxul Rockboard.

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Product Description

ROCKWOOL Rockboard 40/60 is a premium multi-purpose board insulation to be used in walls, ceilings and floors for acoustic and thermal applications. 

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General Insulation Company is a B2B distributor – supplier with over 50 locations across the U.S. that stocks and fabricates a wide variety of mineral wool insulation products for commercial, industrial, and residential construction markets.

ROCKWOOL Rockboard 40-60 TDS – Formerly Roxul Rockbaord