ROCKWOOL ProRox PS 680 with FR-Tech

ROCKWOOL ProRox PS 680 with FR-Tech

ROCKWOOL ProRox PS 680 is a mandrel wound Pipe Sections. The insulation sections are made out of stone wool and are produced with special fiber structure and chemistry to ensure best possible fire performance.

ProRox PS 680 with FR-Tech is engineered to deliver exceptional fire performance. Made of stonewool this proven, cost effective product is ideal for hydrocarbon fire rating of industrial pipe work up to 2 hours (UL 1709). 


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Product Description

ROCKWOOL ProRox PS 680 pipe sections fully comply with the requirements as set by internationally recognized standards like ASTM C547: Grade A for Type I, II, IV, V. and ASTM C795.

Product Properties in accordance with ASTM C547

Thermal conductivity at mean temperature ASTM C335
Tm (°F)                        100       200       300       400       500      600      700
λ (°F)    0.27      0.31      0.36      0.41     0.47     0.54     0.61
Tm (°C)                         38        93         149        204      260      316      371   
λ (W/mK)                  0.039   0.045     0.052    0.059   0.068   0.077   0.089

Maximum use temperature ASTM C447
1,400oF (760oC)

Sag resistance ASTM C411
<2% at 1,400oF (760oC)

Linear Shrinkage ASTM C356
<1% at 1,400oF (760oC)

Surface Burning Characteristics ASTM E84
Flame spread index = 25; Smoke development index = 50

Corrosion Resistance ASTM C692, ASTM C795, ASTM C871, ASTM C795, EN 13468
Evaluation on external stress corrosion cracking tendency of austenitic stainless steel = Passed
Chemical analysis for Cl- , Fl- , Na+ , SiO4 4-: Results fall within acceptability limits of ASTM C795
Trace quantity of water leachable chloride ions: ≤ 10 ppm

Water absorption EN 13472
≤ 0.04 lb/ft² (≤ 0.2 kg/m²)
≤ 0.04 lb/ft² (≤ 0.2 kg/m²) (After 24 hrs. pre-heating at 482°F (250°C))

Vapor sorption ASTM C11104
<1% Weight

Influence on coating systems VW 3.10.7
Free from substances (e.g. silicone oil) that might impair surface wetting

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