ROCKWOOL Plus MB – Metal Building Insulation

ROCKWOOL Plus MB – Metal Building Insulation

ROCKWOOL Plus MB is a lightweight, semi-rigid mineral wool batt insulation designed for pre-engineered metal building insulation where an hourly fire rating is not required.

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Product Description

ROCKWOOL Plus MB is non-combustible and fire resistant, and will not produce toxic smoke or promote flame spread. As a result, it provides high-temperature fire protection, particularly when a fire separation wall is required.

ROCKWOOL Plus MB also helps to increase energy efficiency and improve thermal stability. Strong anddurable onsite, it is easy to cut and install, and can contribute to earning LEED points.

ROCKWOOL Plus MB is recommended for installation on the interior side of a watertight metal cladding as metal building insulation. It is not recommended for use in a rainscreen or cavity wallapplication where it may be exposed to the elements during construction or in situ.


  • Lightweight, fire-resistant and sound absorbent
  • Strong—well suited for site durability
  • Easy to install, easy to cut
  • Water and moisture resistant—maintains R-value even when wet
  • Does not rot or promote the growth of mildew, fungi or bacteria
  • Sag-resistant for tight fits; high density ROCKWOOL Plus™ MB never loses shape
  • Consistent thermal performances with high R-Values
  • ROCKWOOL Plus™ MB can contribute to earning LEED® points

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