ROCKWOOL Cavityrock Black Insulation Board

ROCKWOOL Cavityrock Black Insulation Board

ROCKWOOL Cavityrock Black is a semi-rigid faced board that is designed to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look to open joint rain screen systems where metal panels potentially expose the color of the continuous insulation installed behind them. 

ROCKWOOL Cavityrock Black offers the same thermal performance, fire resistance & moisture control as ROCKWOOL unfaced Cavityrock and is available in a number of thicknesses and sizes. The black facer that comes already installed reduces labor costs of installing a fluid or sheet applied facer on site and withstands long term UV exposure.

Product Description

Features and Benefits

  • The faced Cavityrock board reduces installation time and material cost.
  • Offers the same excellent thermal performance, fire resistance, and moisture control as unfaced ROCKWOOL Cavityrock.
  • The dual-density composition provides benefits to installation, such as increased rigidity for fastening, coupled with better conformity against the wall.
  • The fleece is chemically bonded to the insulation during the manufacturing process, offering better mechanical properties and superior long-term performance.
  • Achieves a flame spread (FS) index of 10 and smoke development (SD) index of 25.
  • The black facer is a glass fiber tissue with a black organic mineral coating, providing long-term UV stability.

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