Foster 85-20 Spark-Fas Adhesive

85-20 Spark-Fas is a non-flammable, fire-resistive adhesive for insulation attachment and as a contact adhesive for lap sealing.

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Product Description

Foster 85-20 Spark-Fas Adhesive is a quick-setting, non-flammable, fire-resistive, synthetic elastomer adhesive used to adhere duct wrap, fibrous glass or mineral wool insulations (up to 6 lbs. density) to galvanized steel and aluminum air conditioning or hot air ducts, where a fire-resistive dry film is required. Non-flammable chlorinated solvents eliminate explosion and fire hazards during application.

Foster 85-20 Spark-Fas adhesive Product Data Sheet

Foster 85-20 Spark-Fas adhesive Safety Data Sheet