Venture Tape 1581A-CW Duct Board Tape

Venture Tape 1581A-CW is a 2.0 mil (50μm) high temperature, high tensile strength aluminum foil coated with an extremely aggressive all weather solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Conformable foil applies easily to both fibrous and sheet metal ducts on flat and irregular surfaces. Venture Tape 1581A excels in demanding temperature and humidity applications and provides superior performance and durability over a wide range of environmental conditions. It is UL listed and meets the requirements of UL181A-P and UL181B-FX.

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Product Description

Venture Tape 1581A-CW is a printed 2 mil (50 micron) aluminum foil ductboard insulation tape. It is primarily used for vapor sealing sheet metal ducts and taping fiberglass ductboard & flexible duct. Heavy duty, high strength aluminum foil with specially formulated acrylic adhesive system. Performance and materials guaranteed to meet or exceed UL-181A-P and UL-181B-FX quality standards, and assures against this tape being a conductor of any flame. Superior adhesion and conformance for fibrous ductboard systems.

  • UL Listed, meets requirements of UL181A-P and UL181B-FX
  • Newly reformulated CW® solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Specifically designed to achieve maximum results in very cold temperatures
  • HVAC Industry Leader in cold weather tapes

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Venture Tape 1581A-CW Duct Board Tape Product Sheet

Venture Tape 1581A-CW Duct Board Tape Data Sheet

Venture Tape 1581A-CW Duct Board Tape Safety Data Sheet