Ideal Tape 370 PVC Tape

Ideal Tape 370 is a PVC tape with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system.

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Product Description


Ideal Tape 370 is designed for use with pre-molded PVC insulation fittings.  Suitable for use to seal 45″ and 90″ joints, T’s, long radius sweeps, and valves.  370 also functions as a vapor barrier on pipe coverings.

Performance Features

  • Adhesive system resists failure when exposed to contaminants and performs under adverse conditions.
  • High conformability allows for tight seal around irregular surfaces.
  • Embossed vinyl substrate is flame retardant and designed to match insulation facing.
  • Release liner provides easy removal for efficient applications on the job site.
  • 90% light reflection maximizes insulation system performance.

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Ideal Tape 370 PVC Tape Product Data Sheet

Ideal Tape 370 PVC Tape Safety Data Sheet

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