Unifrax FyreWrap® Elite® Blanket Insulation

Unifrax FyreWrap® Elite® Blanket Insulation

FyreWrap® Elite® Blanket from Unifrax is a totally inorganic, flexible, high-temperature insulation blanket optimized for high-performance passive fire protection applications.

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Product Description

FyreWrap® Elite® Blanket is a flexible, strong, lightweight, needled blanket. Mechanical needling of the spun fibers eliminates the need for binders in the product’s manufacture and results in a product with high tensile strength. Since Elite Blanket is completely inorganic, the product exhibits no smoke generation or outgassing in service. Elite Blanket combines a low thermal conductivity with excellent performance under transient fire conditions.

FyreWrap Elite Blanket is used in a wide range of fire protection applications including appliances, prefabricated ductwork, chimneys, etc.

FyreWrap® is a registered trademark of Unifrax.

Unifrax FyreWrap® Elite® Insulation BLanket Product Data Sheet

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