Carboline Accelerator A-20 Fireproofing

Carboline Accelerator A-20 Fireproofing

Accelerator A-20 is a powder mixed with water and injected into gypsum based fireproofing materials to reduce the set time and increase production rates. Also, Accelerator A-20 can be injected into portland cement-based fireproofing materials to reduce the set time. Accelerator A-20 can be used with Southwest Type 5GP, 5MD and 7GP materials.

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Product Description


Use an alum injection pump with a minimum 600 psi pressure capacity. Contact Carboline technical
service for more information. Use 55 gallon plastic drum(s) with 110 volt electric mixer for each

A backflow valve must be used at the injection point to prevent the Accelerator A-20 from dripping
and setting up the material in the off position. The flow of Accelerator A-20 must be turned off and
flushed out of conveyance line before stopping the conveyance pump.

Carboline Accelerator A-20 Fireproofing Product Data Sheet

Carboline Accelerator A-20 Fireproofing Safety Data Sheet