3M Fire Barrier Pass-Through Device 2″ Foam Plugs

3M Fire Barrier Pass-Through Device 2″ Foam Plugs

Replacement foam plugs for 2-inch Round 3M Fire Barrier Pass-Through Device. These foam plugs enhance the Cold and Hot smoke seal – achieve UL classified L-Rating with foam plugs and 3M Fire Barrier Sealant or Putty MP+.

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Product Description

3M Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices use a unique fixed fire-rated intumescent material which works in conjunction with a foam smoke seal and optional mounting brackets. In the event of a fire, intumescent material quickly expands to seal the inside of the device, helping to prevent the spread of smoke and fire into other compartments. Optional mounting brackets and additional foam smoke seal replacements (device comes with 2 foam seals) sold separately. Square devices can be stacked in multiple device configurations for larger cable management and firestop requirements.

Pass-Through Device Product Data Sheet

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