3M Fire Barrier Blocks, Plugs, and Planks

3M Fire Barrier Block B258, 3M Fire Barrier Plank PK39, and 3M Fire Barrier Plug PLG2 and PLG4 are smoke, sound, and firestopping pre-formed foam units for medium to large openings in wall and floor through-penetrations. Simple to use. During a fire, product maintains a tight firestop against smoke and flame.

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Product Description


Typical applications include: blank openings, metal pipes, cables, cable trays, insulated pipes, combination penetrations, and open conduits through concrete floor/wall and gypsum wall board assemblies.  


  • Re-enterable/repairable
  • Fully reusable
  • Easy to install — saves time and labor
  • Paintable with primer
  • No cure time  

3M Fire Barrier Block, Plug, and Plank Technical Data Sheet

3M Fire Barrier Block, Plug, and Plank Safety Data Sheet