Rockwool (Roxul) Curtainrock Insulation Board

Rockwool Curtainrock® is a lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation board designed specifically for use in curtain wall systems, and is best suited for backpan or mechanical fastening applications.

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Product Description

Curtainrock® is non-combustible and fire resistant, and will not develop toxic smoke or promote flame spread, even when exposed directly to a fire.

Rockwool insulation has excellent acoustic properties and because the products are dimensionally stable, they maintain thermal performance over
their lifetime, even in rising and falling temperatures. This contributes to the optimal performance of a building envelope.

Rockwool offers a variety of curtain wall specifications. Products are also available with or without reinforced foil facing (RFF).

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Rockwool Curtainrock TDS

Rockwool Mineral Wool SDS