Carlisle CCW-702 WB

CCW-702 WB is a high-tack, water-based contact adhesive for promoting adhesion of CCW membranes in air/vapor barrier, window flashing, thru-wall flashing, foundation waterproofing and steep-slope roofing underlayment applications. Product works well on rough and pourous substrates such as DensGlass Gold®, similar exterior gypsum sheathing products, concrete masonry unit (CMU) construction, oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing and concrete.

Product Description

Property                                                 Results
Weight per Gallon                                  8.5 lb/gal
% Solids                                                  46%
VOC                                                         57 g/l
Drying Time, Applied to Dens-               Dry to the touch 30-45 minutes
Glass Gold at ambient conditions
75 degrees F/50% RH
Peel Adhesion of CCW Self                    DensGlass Gold(new)=9.45 lb/ln
Adhering Sheet Membrane                    OSB=9.15 lb/in
(CCW-705 Standard)                              Concrete=9.65 lb/in
                                                                  CMU=8.9 lb/in
Minimum Application Temp                   40 degrees F
Storage Temp                                          35-110 degrees F

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