Carlisle Sure-Seal Pressure-Sensitive (PS) Elastoform

Elastoform is used as a detail flashing in CCW air barrier and through-wall flashing systems. It is also used for detailing in Sure-Seal EPDM and Sure-Seal Butyl waterproofing systems. The product is easily malleable and highly adaptable to irregular shapes and surfaces.

  • Air/Vapor Barrier – Bridging fenestration to the air barrier membrane
  • Air/Vapor Barrier – Detail at expansion joints
  • Through-Wall Flashing Inside-outside corner details
  • Waterproofing – pipe, column and beam penetrations
  • Waterproofing – inside-outside corner details

Product Description

CCW Sure-Seal Pressure-Sensitive Elastoform is a fully-adhered, flexible, synthetic rubber flashing of 0.090 inch (90 mil) thickness consisting of 0.060 inch (60 mil) thickness un-cured EPDM laminated with 0.030 inch (30 mils) of synthetic rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product is soft and malleable in the package, and it self-cures to a harder, more rubber-like state on exposure to ambient conditions. Product is provided in rolls of various widths, interleaved on both sides with disposable plastic release film.

Features and Benefits

  • Conforms to complex shapes and bridges gaps in air barrier systems up to 1 inch , saving time and materials.
  • Cures in place – forms high-strength, custom-formed flashing.
  • Simple installation saves time and money.
  • Covers multi-plane intersections with no cutting or pinholes; no leaks and no callbacks.
  • High-Temp and UV-resistant and compatible with many materials –versatile use.
  • Low odor; suitable for use in above-grade wall assemblies.
  • Integral part of the CCW air barrier and waterproofing systems – warranted, single-source system.

CCW Sure-Seal Pressure-Sensitive Elastoform TDS