Carlisle Sure-Seal 90-8-30A Bonding Adhesive

Bonding Adhesive is a high-strength solvent-based contact adhesive that allows quick bonding of cured flashings and membranes to various substrates. It is a synthetic rubber adhesive formulated specificazlly for application with a ½” (13 mm) medium nap roller with enough versatility in the tack time of the film to allow large areas to be coated and adhered at one time. Sure-Seal 90-8-30A Bonding Adhesive is designed for bonding EPDM and epichlorohydrin membranes to various substrates.

Product Description

Typical Properties

  • Base:  Synthetic Rubber
  • Color: Yellow
  • Solids: 18-22%
  • Flash Point: -4 degrees(F), -20 degrees(C) – Closed Cup
  • Brookfield Viscosity: 3,200Centipoise
  • Avg Net Weight: 7.10 lb/gal (0.85 Kg/l)
  • Shelf Life: 1 year

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