Carlisle Pre-Kleened EPDM Flexible Flashing

Pre-Kleened EPDM is primarily used as a through-wall flashing in masonry wall and cavity wall construction. The product is also used in challenging air/vapor barrier transition details, such as curtain wall and wall-roof connections. Pre-Kleened EPDM is well-suited for through-wall flashing and sub-assembly tie-ins because it can be built into an assembly, with the installer leaving a durable, loose flap for tie-in to another assembly as construction progresses.

Pre-Kleened EPDM is a 45-mil-thick, non-reinforced flexible flashing membrane made of ethylene-propylene-diene monomer rubber. Pre-Kleened EPDM is provided in 100′ rolls slit to various widths and has talc washed from surfaces during production to facilitate field handling and installation.

Product Description

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for permanent exposure to UV.
  • Product will not stain brickwork.
  • Resistant to tear and puncture.
  • No installation temperature restriction.
  • High elasticity accomodates building movement.
  • Economical alternative to copper and stainless steel.
  • Unlike PVC, will not embrittle due to plasticizer migration.
  • Product and accessories for flashing, splices, corners and terminations provided by same manufacturer.

Carlisle Pre-Kleened EPDM Flexible Flashing Technical Data Sheet

Carlisle Pre-Kleened EPDM Flexible Flashing Safety Data Sheet