Carlisle CCW LiquiFiber

CCW Liquifiber consists of randomly oriented glass strands formed into cohesive mats with a water-soluble binder. Liquifiber is laid into a wet layer of CCW liquid-applied membrane, where the binder dissolves and the glass strands become fully integrated with the membrane. Upon cure, the CCW membrane that is reinforced with Liquifiber exhibits higher multi-axial tensile strength and tear resistance than typical sheet membrane products.

Product Description

Liquifiber replaces sheet membrane and reinforcing fabric details in the following CCW cold, fluid-applied waterproofing and air barrier systems: Barricoat™, Barriseal™, Barritech NP, Barritech VP™, MiraSeal and MiraPLY. Liquifiber enables a seamless, fully adhered, high-strength seal at difficult-to-detail conditions such as re-entrant corners, pipe/duct penetrations and window openings.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple installation
  • Seamless
  • High strength
  • Improves CCW system performance 
  • Compatible with all CCW cold fluid-applied membranes

Download (PDF, 329KB)

Download (PDF, 26KB)