3M 3015 Air and Vapor Barrier

3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 is an innovative, proprietary, translucent air and vapor barrier that uses non-asphaltic-based adhesives, which permit an extended application temperature range between 0°F to 150°F. It does not require primer for most substrates and can withstand up to 6 months of direct UV exposure. The 10-mil engineered sheet membrane self-seals against nail fasteners and penetrations. It also conforms to contours for continuous bonded contact. Available in widths up to 4 feet wide, the air and vapor barrier can be specified locally and delivered globally.

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Product Description

  • Lighter Weight
  • Energy Savings
  • Ease of Installation
  • Meets LEED Criteria

No Primer Required
3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 does not require a primer for most substrates so fewer products are needed on a jobsite. Worker productivity can increase, saving time per job and reducing installation costs.

Extended Temperature Range
This innovative air and vapor barrier has a wider installation temperature range: between 0°F to 150°F (-18°C to 66°C). Its service temperature is also greater: between -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C). These increased temperature ranges can reduce or eliminate cold-weather-related delays, extending the construction season in cold climates and enabling year-round construction in moderate zones.

Superior UV Exposure Resistance
3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 can resist up to 6 months of ultraviolet exposure, giving it the integrity needed for long-running construction projects.

Translucence: The Difference is Clear
This unique barrier is clear, permitting easy visual identification of stud spacing and fasteners in exterior sheathing of gypsum, plywood, OSB (oriented strand board), cement board, CMU (concrete masonry unit or block) and mortar joints. The translucence enables accurate placement of nail fasteners and reduces error rates during fastener placement, increasing productivity and the quality of installation.

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