Positions Summary

Sales Positions

We pride ourselves in our passion for the customer, and we expect no less from our sales team. As a part of our sales team, you will be the direct responsibility in maintaining strong bonds with current customers as well as a key facet in turning potential customers into new customers.

Inside Sales

At GIC, our Inside Sales position plays a vital role in the overall operations of the branch. As a member of our inside sales team, you can expect to receive requests via telephone, email, and fax for orders, questions regarding product information, price inquiries, and more. You are a key component in maintaining excellent relationships with existing customers as well as building a strong foundation with potential customers. We expect an inside sales person to be a friendly, respectful person who is a dedicated people person, and who can commit to accuracy. If you think you’re fit for the role, we encourage you to apply.

Outside Sales

Outside sales is another fundamental aspect of GIC’s sales team. The primary functions of the outside sales team include: promoting GIC’s products, provide the appropriate technical support for customers (regarding product training, maintenance, and technical product info), cover assigned accounts, make frequent sales calls, and most important of all, ensure outstanding customer satisfaction. If you have excellent communication skills, a passion for selling, and a strong commitment to accuracy, we encourage you to apply.


At GIC, all employees have a commitment to accuracy, and this pledge is essential in the upkeep of our warehouses. Our warehouses are the key to excellent customer services via efficiency. Some of the duties of a GIC warehouse worker include: loading and unloading trucks, maintaining proper organization of products, and keeping the warehouse clean and orderly. We consider both full and part time workers. If you can commit to accuracy and efficiency, we kindly invite you to apply at your local branch.

Truck Drivers

A proper and timely delivery of orders is a very important aspect of keeping our customers happy through outstanding customer service. We are looking for ideal candidates to: load, unload, and drive trucks to customers and to other branches. We consider both full and part time truck drivers. A vital trait we look for in all truck drivers is a strong commitment to accuracy. Please inquire at your nearest GIC warehouse.