Great Stuff Pro Gasket Foam Sealant

Great Stuff Pro Gasket is a one-component, water-based foam applied to the top plate, bottom plate and around the perimeter of all rough openings. Specially designed to create a flexible, compressible, air seal that will stay in place when drywall is installed. Unlike traditional polyurethane-based foam sealants, this water-based solution and the specially designed gun can be easily cleaned with a garden hose and the included cleanout adapter.

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Reusable for up to 90 days when left attached to GREAT STUFF PRO Dispensing Gun with the blue handle. Shake vigorously for 60 seconds before use.
  • Improves air sealing between drywall and frame
  • Compresses when cured to prevent bowing issues with drywall
  • Helps meet stricter energy codes
  • Air cures in 2 to 24 hours
  • Reduces moisture, mold, pollutants and allergens
  • Easy cleanup of the gun and uncured drips and spills
  • Has shown an 83% improvement over caulk in this application.
  • High adhesion to top plate prevents material from ripping off during drywall installation
  • High Yield of approximately 250 linear feet or more at ½” wide bead
  • Fast and easy install
  • Easy water cleanup—Less gun maintenance and long tool life. 

Great Stuff Pro Gaps & Cracks Product Sheet

Please follow the link for the Great Stuff Pro Gasket Safety Data Sheet

Please follow the link to watch the Great Stuff Pro Gasket Foam Application Video.