Design Polymerics DP 3040 Vapor Barrier Mastic

Features and Benefits

Design Polymerics DP 3040 is the only independent laboratory tested Zero VOC insulation vapor barrier available. With increasing emphasis on LEED Green Building, Zero VOC is key selling point. It also reducers contractors liability when working in occupied space.

DP 3040 remains bright white, even with age. Many insulation mastics will yellow and streak with age which leads to contractor call backs. With the trend to new and whiter poly jacketed pipe insulation, DP 3040’s color will be a bigger selling point.

DP 3040 appears to be very thick in nature. DP 3040 is thick, but spread easily while not slumping. The viscosity breaks down when spreading allowing for easy application at the appropriate thickness. Installers prefer the consistency of DP 3040 when they spread it out. To be successful selling, actually spread the mastic with the owner and the installer.

Product Description

Technical Information

Vapor barrier mastics are defined as have a perm rating of less than 1. The acceptable test method in our industry is ASTM E96. ASTM E96 tests for the amount of water that penetrates the mastics (grains water/sq in). Less than 1 is a vapor barrier, between 1 and 10 is semi-permeable vapor barrier and greater than 10 is breather mastic.

Vapor barriers mastics are important in chilled water applications, especially where there is high humidity. Humid air allowed to come into contact with chilled piping creates condensation. The condensation causes the insulation to become wet, thus insulating less and leading to a system failure. Vapor barriers also seal the insulation system for energy savings and protect the exposed fibers from damage.

For outdoor use, a weather barrier/breather mastic should be used; such as DP 5050 and DP 5060.

Design Polymerics DP 3040 Vapor Barrier Mastic Technical Data Sheet

DP 3040 Zero VOC Independent Lab Test