Childers NF CP-89 Chil-Spray Nonflammable Spray Adhesive

Sprayable, non-flammable elastomeric HVAC duct liner insulation and vapor barrier facing adhesive. Adhesive specifically designed for application using low pressure spray equipment. Its jelly-like structure produces little “buds” of adhesive when it is sprayed. These buds bite into the porous, fibrous surface of the insulation, resulting in a good bond. A high coverage rate is obtained. CHIL-SPRAY NF CP-89 adhesive is non-flammable in the wet state and fire resistive in the dry state.

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Product Description

CHIL-SPRAY NF CP-89 adhesive is used to bond lightweight insulation materials to duct work, and in equipment such as air conditioners, furnaces, etc. CHIL-SPRAY NFCP-89 adhesive is also used to bond such porous and lightweight materials as cork, cardboard and paper.

  • The equipment recommended to spray CHIL-SPRAY NF CP-89 adhesive is low cost and operates with minimum air.
  • CHIL-SPRAY NF CP-89 sprays easily without misting or cobwebbing.
  • There is little or no clogging of equipment and high production rates and excellent coverages are obtained.
  • The blue color makes the area that has been sprayed visible.
  • CHIL-SPRAY NF CP-89 adhesive has a relatively long bonding time.
  • Non-flammable chlorinated solvents eliminate explosion and fire hazards during application.

Childers CP-89 Data Sheet

Childers CP-89 Safety Data Sheet