Ideal Seal 3000 Mastic

Ideal Seal 3000 is an aluminum foil tape coated with a high performance mastic rubber adhesive system.  Ideal Seal 3000 meets the UL 181B – FX standard for use on duct closure systems and is printed for identification.

Product Description


Ideal Seal 3000 is a dual use product designed for use as a vapor seal on class 1 flexible duct, sheet metal, duct wrap, and duct board.  Ideal Seal 3000 is suitable for use across a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Performance Features

Conformable aluminum foil backing provides easy handling and efficient application.

High performance butyl rubber adhesive system provides a water resistant and airtight seal.

UL 181B-FX listed.

Polyester liner offers easy removal and simple applications on the job site.

Ideal Seal 3000 Product Data Sheet

Ideal Seal 3000 Safety Data Sheet

Ideal Seal 3000 Flyer

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