Compac 105 ASJ Insulation Tape

Compac #105 ASJ insulation tape is used for seam sealing and patching of ASJ-faced mechanical insulation systems, providing a matching appearance and vapor retarder integrity. Compac 105 is a UL-listed, All Service Jacket (ASJ) insulation tape with an all-weather acrylic adhesive with an application range of 10ºF to 120ºF.

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Product Description

Compac 105 ASJ insulation tape features an aggressive, all-weather acrylic adhesive that bonds tightly and permanently when smoothed down on the insulation facing surface. AW adhesive technology permits service temperatures of 0ºF to 150ºF (-18ºC to 66ºC), and an application range of 10ºF to 120ºF (-12ºC to 49ºC). It is primarily used for ASJ-faced mechanical ventilation systems.

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Compac 105 ASJ Insulation Tape Data Sheet

Compac 105 ASJ Insulation Tape Safety Data Sheet