Ideal Seal 777 Insulation Cladding

Ideal Seal 777 is a high performance 6-ply laminate that provides a total vapor barrier and complete moisture protection for insulation cladding and jacketing applications. The 777 system delivers reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor new construction and retrofit applications. Ideal Seal 777 comes with a 10 year warranty without paint.

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Product Description

IdealSeal 777 is the new multi-layer aluminum foil laminate that easily covers and fully protects ductwork and piping under a wide range of conditions. The advanced laminate for today’s most demanding insulation systems.

  • UL CLASSIFIED – Meets or exceeds UL 723 requirements.
  • HIGH STRENGTH ALUMINUM – Multi-ply design for excellent tear and puncture resistance. Non-permeable vapor barrier for complete moisture protection.
  • EASILY REPOSITIONABLE – Unique adhesive formula leaves time for adjustments.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL TREATMENT APPLIED – Inhibits mold growth and extends product life.
  • 10-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY – Engineered and designed for longlasting satisfaction.
  • UNIQUE DISPENSER CARTON – Unique dispenser carton increases job site efficiency and reduces cost.
  • HANDY INSTALLATION KIT – IdealSeal 777 comes with a cutter, tape measure, pencil, clips, and ruler – for fast, easy, efficient, professional installation on the spot

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Ideal Seal 777 Insulation Cladding Data Sheet

Ideal Seal 777 Insulation Cladding Safety Data Sheet