Premium Spray Premicote IB Ignition Barrier Fire Retardant Acrylic Coating

Premicote IB Ignition Barrier is a single component, water-based, air dry, fire retardant coating. This product is designed for applications where a low smoke index is necessary, because it seals off and protects the potentially combustible surface from flames.

Product Description

Premium Spray Premicote IB Ignition Barrier uses its intumescent properties to protect many substrates from fire or spread of flame. May be applied to many different surfaces, including foam, wood, plastic, or cement. Some possible uses for this product include roofing systems, which require UL 790 certification. Tub/showers which require low flame/smoke generation. As an undercoating for a spray polyurethane foam insulated spa which would protect the foam from exposure and any surfaces that must be UL Section E84 approved. This product is designed for interior application, and therefore must be top-coated when used out of doors.

Premicote IB Ignition Barrier Product Sheet

Premicote IB Ignition Barrier Safety Data Sheet