TremGlaze LEF Polyurethane Foam

Low-Expanding Polyurethane Foam
TremGlaze LEF is a versatile, one-component, low expansion polyurethane foam in an aerosol can designed for window and door and retro-fit installations. This low pressure product reduces air infiltration and prevents heat loss in a variety of applications.

Product Description

Basic Uses

  • Apply TremGlaze LEF onto any clean surface to fill, insulate and seal around windows, door frame joints, beneath base plates, mud sills, T-joints, top plate penetrations, corner joists, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes, duct penetrations and much more.
  • It is specifically designed to be dispensed as a bead for filling cracks, crevices and to fill smaller cavities on flat or irregular surfaces.
  • Recommended application temperature is from 14 to 94 °F (-10 to 35 °C).

TremGlaze LEF Polyurethane Foam Technical Data Sheet

TremGlaze LEF Polyurethane Foam Safeety Data Sheet

TremGlaze LEF Polyurethane Foam Line Card