DELTA-DRY ventilated rainscreen is a structured membrane provides drainage and ventilation, as well as a complete capillary break behind the cladding. It protects the building envelope from bulk water intrusion (i.e. wind driven rain), and manages water leakage through the cladding.

Product Description

The innovative approach of solving moisture problems in building envelopes. The ideal protection behind adhered manufactured stone veneer, conventional stucco, and other absorptive claddings. Proper ventilation is key for wall performance and the prevention of moisture accumulation.

DELTA-DRY allows water vapor, driven from the interior to the exterior of the structure, to escape through the ventilated air space between the sheathing board and the membrane, while minimizing the potential for condensation that could cause damage within the building enclosure.

The membrane provides excellent drying potential through ventilation behind any approved exterior cladding. At the same time, it impedes solar-driven moisture towards the interior of the structure, such as occurs with absorptive cladding materials like adhered manufactured stone veneer, stucco, cement board siding, brick veneer, etc.

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