Carlisle CCW-702 WB

CCW-702 WB is a high-tack, water-based contact adhesive for promoting adhesion of CCW membranes in air/vapor barrier, window flashing, thru-wall flashing, foundation waterproofing and steep-slope roofing underlayment applications. Product works well on rough and porous substrates such as DensGlass Gold®, similar exterior gypsum sheathing products, concrete masonry unit (CMU) construction, oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing and concrete.

Product Description

Coverage Rate
Substrate Approximate Coverage
DensGlass Gold 200 sq ft per gallon
CMU 200 sq ft per gallon
OSB 200 sq ft per gallon
Concrete 200 sq ft per gallon

Property                                        Results
– Weight per gallon                        8.5 lb/gal
– % Solids                                       46%
– VOC                                             57 g/l
– Drying Time, Applied                   Dry to the touch 30-45 minutes 
to DensGlass Gold at 
ambient conditions 
75 degrees F /50% RH 
– Peel Adhesion of CCW Self          DensGlass Gold (new)=9.45 lb/in 
Adhering Sheet Membrane            OSB=9.15 lb/in
(CCW-705 Standard)                      Concrete-9.65 lb/in

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