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Introducing GIC’s Commercial Products Team – Effective April 1, 2018

General Insulation has assembled a very talented Commercial Products Team and we would like to introduce them to you.  Team members are listed below with a description of their roles and responsibilities.  Please join us in welcoming GIC’s Commercial Products Team!

Micheal Coleman, Business Development Manager, Weatherization and Spray Foam
Michael is responsible for the growth and development of the Weatherization and Spray Foam business for GIC. We have specialists throughout the country and have methodically and successfully grown this business over the past 5 years. In addition to sales specialists, we have service technicians at GIC to help support and grow our market presence. Weatherization and Spray Foam have similar customers in the residential market and we have found the growth opportunity in Spray Foam attractive.
Phone: 781-391-2070 Ext. 80410

Gerry Towle, Vice President Building Envelope
In his new duties (April 1, 2018) Gerry is responsible to develop and grow the Building Envelope Business for GIC. He has several Specialists reporting to him and we have identified key markets throughout the U.S. to begin to support the business. An important part of any new business at GIC is the identification and support from key vendors. Gerry is spending much of his time addressing this key component to success. There is a direct connection with the sales and specification activities with our 3M Fire Protection business so Gerry and Brian Fabrizio will be working closely to utilize those synergies.
Phone: 781-391-2070 Ext. 80405

Brian Fabrizio, National Account Manager 3M Fire and Construction Products
Brian is responsible to maintain and grow the strong position that GIC has developed with the 3M firestopping business. He has Specialists throughout the country to support his efforts. A large amount of Brian’s time is spent working with 3M personnel to ensure that GIC demands for product, information, and support are met. In addition to firestop products Brian works with 3M on the sales of Venture Tape, owned by 3M, and Brian and Chad McBride will work with 3M on developing safety business.
Phone: 718-786-5003 Ext. 80451

Chad McBride, Manager Business Development, Safety Products
Chad started his new duties in October, 2017 and is responsible to grow the Safety Products at GIC. Virtually all of our customers use safety products today. Chad will be working with GIC personnel to educate them on the variety of products we have to meet customer demand. Texas is a top priority to begin our safety initiative due to existing business and large opportunity in the industrial market. Chad has an inside Logistics Manager in Austin Texas to support those efforts.
Phone: 817-502-2722 Ext. 80467

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